(TB) Password Change Reminder

(TB) Password Change Reminder

Pre-Sales Questions

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Quick Overview

Resource Type
Current Version
$5 / 6 months
File or skin edits
Hosted Board


IP.Board 3.0
IP.Board 3.1
IP.Board 3.2
IP.Board 3.3
IP.Board 3.4


Board Reminder A mod that remember/force members to change their forum password.


  • No file edits (makes use of the apps and hooks system)
  • Disable the application to disable the modification globally
  • You can force members to insert a new password different from the old password
    (Normally IP.Board doesn't check if you insert the same password)
  • 3 new options for each group
    • Enable/Disable individually the mod
    • Force the members in the group to change the password until they can do anything
    • Individual time settings for each group
  • 3 ACP tools
    • Retrieve a summary of the member password change status
    • Reset/force a password change for a specific member
    • Reset/force a password change for members in specific groups


ACP: Settings
ACP: Group Settings
ACP: Edit Member Dropdown
ACP: Member Password Change Details
ACP: Tools