(TB) Change Group in UCP

(TB) Change Group in UCP

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Quick Overview

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IP.Board 3.0
IP.Board 3.1
IP.Board 3.2
IP.Board 3.3
IP.Board 3.4


UCP: Edit Member Groups With this mod moderators in selected groups can change the group of other members without ACP access.


  • Enable/disable the mod per group
  • You can select only certain groups to move member from or to
  • Extra option per group to allow the editing of the secondary groups
  • Extra option per group to prevent editing the primary group and allow only the secondary ones
  • Edit link available near the group name in Topic View & Ajax Profile Card (if the member is in a group you can edit)
  • Every action is logged in the Moderator Logs
  • No need for ACP access, all is done via UCP
  • UCP page with a summary of the available permissions (NEW for 3.0.0!)


ACP: Group Settings
UCP: Edit Permissions
UCP: Find Member (Autocomplete)
UCP: Edit Member Groups (Primary Only)
UCP: Edit Member Groups (Secondary Only)
Topic View
Profile Card (Ajax)